List Your Sightings, Send to eBird, DONE!

Enter your sightings into eBird right from the field with BirdLog! You can even create checklists when there is no cell phone data coverage for later upload when you return to an area with cell phone or wifi.

BirdLog was developed by active eBird users as a power app for submitting data into eBird. If you are not already familiar with eBird, we recommend that you visit and register before using BirdLog the first time.

BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry app for eBird that allows you to:

  • Plot the exact location of your sightings using your phone’s GPS.
  • Easy 1 tap to increment species counts or search the checklist using 4-letter codes, full or partial name.
  • Create new personal locations or choose an existing hotspot or personal location for your checklist.
  • Create checklists even when there is no cell phone coverage for later submission to eBird.
  • Automatically track day and trip lists to email yourself or friends.
  • Enter birds quickly and easily as you see them using 4-letter codes or names.
  • Scroll and review your checklist before submitting it.
  • Submit checklists in multiple languages, including Latin/Scientific.