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Our most advanced guide yet.

Worldwide bird finding

The most modern bird finding app has gone global, with content, sightings and packages for any region you are interested in.


Only BirdsEye gives you the info you need to know about whats actually around you, wherever you are.


We are excited to support growing citizen science programs with innovative apps that make the data useful for the average birder.

Your pocket birding companion!

Like an expert to guide you, no matter where you are.

Get directions to birding hotspots
Read bird finding tips by top birders
Regional and ABA Rare Bird Alerts
See closest sightings of any species on a map

Fantastic content

Photo contributors have built up a library of over 5,000 species that are available through the app – Like these beautiful images from Steven Mlodinow (BirdEye Photographer of the Month – March 2015) who’s generously contributed 1561 photos covering an incredible 705 species!

  • Photos cover many of the most common plumages.
  • Galleries feature photographers who have been published in National Geographic, Audubon and more.
  • Contributing your photos  gets you a year membership in BirdsEye so you can see your own photos in the app!
  • View the full library of BirdsEye images

About Us

We here at BirdsEye are fanatics for supporting citizen science projects.

Our goal is to advance projects that we think have got it right– projects that are collecting great and usable data, are helping interested volunteers contribute their sightings, and moving the ball forward in conserving species.

  • Passionate about science

    Our mission is to promote citizen science projects, and make data more accessible.

  • Driven by technology

    We are always looking for new solutions to provide more relevant information to birders out in the field.

  • Collaborative

    Our goal is to bring together top birders, photographers, and naturalists, as well experts for other groups of animals.

What others say about us

Zach Slavin

BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide is the perfect app for finding nearby birds because it’s powered by the real-time observations submitted to eBird and the GBBC. When connected to the user’s eBird or GBBC account the app becomes even more powerful: select a region to view species missing from one’s life list or year list that have been reported nearby. Be careful though—this app combined with BirdLog makes it dangerously easy to become a serious lister!

Zach SlavinAudubon
Diana Doyle

BirdsEye is now lightning fast. The new version sports an updated and streamlined look. With new visual extras, such as thumbnail photos, bar charts, and satellite views, this isn’t the old BirdsEye.

Diana DoyleTech Reviewer: Birding MagazineAmerican Birding Association