Odonata Central Launches New Website!

Odonata Central is a citizen science website dedicated to dragonflies and damselflies — insects of the order Odonata. The site has been a repository for data on Odonata for many years. But now with a new, streamlined website, contributing your sightings is easier than ever before!

Revamping Odonata Central is a major project that BirdsEye has been contributing toward. Along with our Dragonfly ID App, we hope these efforts bring renewed attention to dragonflies and damselflies. 

The data collected by Odonata Central helps scientists understand the distribution, biogeography, biodiversity, and identification of Odonata. On the new site, you can enter all of your observations and manage your personal lists, with a streamlined data entry and browsing system. Powerful data filters make it easy to sort through species lists and find exactly what you’re looking for. And you can now import observations directly from iNaturalist. Plus, iNaturalist sightings are included on maps so you can view other sightings near you! 

Odonata Central is extremely user-friendly and ready for your data. Register for an account today!

BirdsEye for iOS Gets an Update

Thanks to feedback from many users and testing done by our team, we have made some improvements and added a few new features to the BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide!

The update to version 2.6.1 includes:

  • New formatting for efficiency across all device sizes
  • Improved functionality: Bugs causing issues when browsing locations and when linking to our other birding apps have been fixed!
  • Smart Search included on every species list for quick bird identification when in the field. To use this feature, tap the magnifying glass icon (with a ‘+’) in the top right corner of a species list page. For users familiar with these pages, this icon has taken the place of the filter icon– the filter icon is now located in the bottom corner of the species list pages.
  • Download your life list to your mobile device – a request we received from many users. Visit your life list page and tap the download icon in the top right corner.

We hope these updates make your birding better than ever! And as always, we would love to hear your feedback. Contact us at support@getbirdseye.com


BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide 2.3

What’s New in Version 2.3

We’ve spent a long time working on BirdsEye behind the scenes to make it run faster, smooth, and offer better tools for world and local birders. Some of the more exciting features are listed below.

BirdsEye Smart Search

Find New Birds


Use color, size and habitat to quickly narrow down the list of nearby sightings to find what you are looking for. Just stepped off the plane in Sydney, Australia and want to know what that blue and white swallow hawking insects around you is? A couple taps and you’ll know that you are looking at a Welcome Swallow!

Smart Search is targeted to the traveling birder and new birders, helping you quickly learn the birds wherever you are in the world.

Not happy with one of the Smart Search results? Just swipe left over the entry and click the Feedback button to let us know! We’ll keep improving the data behind the scenes to make it all work perfectly.


BirdsEye xeno canto viewExpanded Sound Library


A link to this amazing resource of bird calls and songs is now available in BirdsEye.  Tap the link icon on any bird description or map screen to get a direct link to xeno-canto recordings for that species!

As in earlier versions of BirdsEye, you also have links to see bird pictures in Flickr and to additional information on species in Wikipedia.

No Internet Required


Offline content like images and sounds are now more robust, so it is less likely to be deleted by your phone if you are running low on storage. We want to make sure you can always access the data you need no matter where you are!

Tools for Trip Planning


You can now select any month, or group of months, to filter sightings when checking out Hotspots or a spot in your Favorites. We love this feature for planning trip – create a group of Favorites along your route and choose the month you’re travelling – all of the species reported in the last 5+ years for those months and location will be shown along with their abundance for the locations. Plan ahead to get the most out of your birding!


  • lots of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements for improved performance and stability
  • updated icons and images across the app

Enjoying the update? Reviews and ratings get reset for each release. If you are feeling generous, please leave a review. Thanks in advance!

We love hearing from you! Have a question, concern, or suggestion? Get in touch with support at support@getbirdseye.com, view our FAQ at http://bith.zendesk.com, @birdseyebirding on Twitter, and facebook.com/birdseye.nature.apps