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January Photographers of the Month

  We are excited to announce Pete Myers and Keith Hansen as the January photographers of the month. Pete Myers has been a birder as long as he can remember, growing up near Baltimore, Maryland, and various countries in Central and South America. He has been photographing birds for over 40 years now. After receiving a Ph.D from […]


December Photographer of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Jack Jeffrey, this month’s photographer of the month. From a young age, Jack always had a strong affinity for nature. Today, as a wildlife biologist and nature photographer, Jack is still exploring forests, crawling through mud and climbing trees to capture in photographs the essence of the flora and fauna that […]

Audubon Christmas Bird Counts

Tips and Tricks: Christmas Bird Counts

Get ready for the Christmas Bird Count! Did you know that BirdsEye iOS shows you Christmas Bird Count circles all around the globe?  (BirdsEye for Android displays CBC center points, but not circles yet.) This is a great way to check the exact location of the CBC boundary while you are in the field. Using […]