The Bird Finding Guide

Binoculars, books and scopes have long been the essential birding tools. And now, there’s BirdsEye, the indispensable app that gives you the inside scoop about which birds are being seen and where, in real time.

BirdsEye is a simple but powerful tool for birders. It is simple, easy and fast to use so you can spend your time seeing birds!

  • See birds reported near you with local abundance information
  • Find the birds you need! See which birds that have been seen recently, but which are not on your list!
  • Browse detailed maps of bird sightings, nearby or worldwide
  • view photos, text, and sounds
  • track your year or life list manually, or download it automatically from eBird for the world, country, state, or even by county
  • Plan your next birding trip – find Hotspots near you or where you’re headed
  • Connect to Wikipedia, Flickr, and Xeno-Canto from within BirdsEye for more information and photos
  • Locate unusual birds in the Rare & Notable sightings section