Daily Bird

Daily Bird is a fun and gorgeous photo-a-app designed for iPhone and iPod touch that teaches you about a new bird every single day. Check in every day to see a stunning new photograph, learn new facts and hear interesting stories from the photographers who took them.

A gorgeous clock

Set this up on your desk to keep grounded during a rough day stuck in the office when you would rather be outside.

Great morning routine

Start off your day by learning something new and enjoying beautiful bird photography.

Always updating

Come back for a new photo every day and a new chance to guess the species of the day. Share your guess with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

What a fun treat to look forward to each day! I especially like the ability to click to the Ebird map to see actual recent sightings.

Ustream.TVFun treat ★★★★★

My most beautiful and prized app. I have this app for many months now and find it exceedingly beautiful – never crashed, simple and a pleasure to use, interesting facts about the birds every day and stunning photos. Thank you for this gem!

leksieFantastic ★★★★★

I love this app. I always have to squint to see what day it is; not anymore!I just push the app and BAM big as day time, day, month, and a bird, a new bird. I absolutely love it! Great job! And top it off if you click on the bird its info comes up, plus for the photographer in me Canon EOS 7D 100-400 f4-5.6 L IS it includes aperture and focal length AND which camera!!! Awesome!

Greg SweetieGreat app ★★★★★

I look forward to this every morning, or if I forget for a few days it’s like Christmas when I remember (this is probably more of a sad review of my life, but let’s pretend not). Great mix of North American and international birds. I would love to see a few more photos of tricky females and juveniles thrown in! I always challenge myself (and then my girlfriend) to ID the bird before clicking to see the description (whoever writes those is doing amazing work). Even if I have never seen or heard of the bird, it is fun to see if I can get close on taxonomy and learn something new.

Storkle PReally nice ★★★★★

Submit your own photos for Daily Bird

You can add your own photos to the BirdsEye galleries at http://birdseye.photo where the Daily Bird photo is selected from.