March Photographer of the Month

Steven Mlodinow was born in Chicago where his dear older brothers, Michael and Len, started him off on his path to obsession. Blame them! He was later mentored by members of the Evanston Northshore Bird Club, especially Charlie Clark and Pat Ware, to whom he owes an enduring debt for their kindness and guidance. Most of what is good about Steve’s approach to birding can be laid at their feet and those of Bill Tweit.

The photography bug started with a videocamera and then a Panasonic Lumix ultrazoom around 2005, followed by a series of Nikon cameras (D200, D300, D7000) using a Sigma 50-500 mm lens starting in 2008. Steven was the Oregon-Washington regional editor for North American Birds for 10 years and for Colorado-Wyoming for 3 years. He has served on the Washington Bird Records Committee for 10 years and was author/editor of several books, most recently Birds of Washington, which was published in 2005. His photographs appear in several books, including the Stoke’s Guides and Dennis Paulson’s dragonfly guides.

He would like to thank his patient companions, who endure his lens-bearing chases of creatures great and tiny.