Smart Search for Android

Smart Search now in BirdsEye for Android

Focus in on Color, Size, and Habitat

With the latest BirdsEye update for Android, ver. 1.2, we’re happy to tell you of a new feature called Smart Search. Smart Search is a collection of intelligent filters that allow you to choose color, size, and habitat to narrow down the possible species.

Whether you’re looking for dragonflies or birds, BirdsEye Nature Apps are the best apps to learn what’s being seen nearby. BirdsEye is great in helping you identify what you are actually seeing.  Smart Search goes a step further to help you focus on likely birds as soon as you start entering information –   the list is filtered as enter information and sorts the species how well they match the criteria.

So, welcome to Smart Search…we think you’ll really like it.  We find it especially helpful when away from our home turf, and it’s really helpful for the budding birder or orniphile.

You can access Smart Search from the main menu, or under Nearby Birds or when searching a specific location.  Just look for the icon that looks like a magnifying glass with a ‘plus’ sign.

Smart Search is now available in both Android and iOS versions of BirdsEye.

Traveling? No matter where you are in the world, Smart Search will help you get more out of your birding. A couple quick taps combined with BirdsEye’s knowledge of the species in your area will let you spend more time enjoying the birds, and less time looking at the screen.

Birding a new area? You’ll appreciate the ability of Smart Search to sort the local species by abundance to narrow your options to the most likely species in the area.

New to birding? Smart Search is easy to use and a great way to narrow down the list of possibilites to just the species birds that match the one you are looking at.