Birding with BirdsEye Offline

Birding in remote areas has its challenges. Though some of the most unique and diverse avifauna can be found in these areas, it is tough to lug in the field guides or camera equipment to ID them. On top of it all, little to no internet or cellular connectivity can hinder your ability to use the world wide web to identify your bird.

Hindrances no more! BirdsEye has just improved its offline capabilities! Now, all of the BirdsEye data (for every species!) can be accessed at your fingertips even when you are as far away from a cell tower or router as possible. Though it is easier than ever to access all of this data, there are a few tricks you can use to improve your experience:

  • Downloading all the BirdsEye-compiled text, photos, and sounds for the world’s’ bird species is no quick jaunt in the park. When downloading data for offline usage, ensure you have a secure and strong WiFi connection and attach your device to a charger. Through your device’s “Settings” tab, set your screen ‘auto-lock’ to ‘never’. The best download is an uninterrupted download!
  • If you do happen to find service near your remote birding location— whether this be a nearby coffee shop, hotel, or the flickering one bar of cell service atop a mountain— refresh your ‘Nearby’ and ‘Smart Search’ list. These lists will be cached into your phone and will remain accessible when that one bar disappears and you are again offline. By doing this, you can see birds that have been seen recently within your vicinity.  If you’d like a more specific list of birds, you can further narrow down your ‘Nearby’ list by interacting with the Smart Search criteria.
  • If there is a Hotspot or CBC Circle on the ‘Browse by Location’ map near your birding destination, save it to your ‘Favorite Locations’ list. This data will also cache to your device and will allow the listed birds to be accessible offline.

BirdsEye now makes it easier than ever to interact with birds and birders anywhere on the planet. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities of the app. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

Happy Birding!
The BirdsEye Team