Red Diamond Rattlesnake (Crotalus ruber)

CA Rattlesnake App

App for California Rattlesnakes

Red Diamond Rattlesnake (Crotalus ruber)Warm temperatures have returned to California, causing the native snakes to become active and many outdoor enthusiasts will encounter snakes during their outings. One key to safely coexisting with California snakes is to be able to reliably distinguish a rattlesnake from the many harmless snakes of the region. There is now a field guide app for California rattlesnakes available for Apple and Android devices that covers the rattlesnakes of California (and Oregon, Washingon, and Nevada). This 99-cent app is optimized for smart phones to provide a portable guide for the field. It does not require Internet connectivity, but additional features are available with an Internet connection. This smart phone app provides the following information for these iconic creatures:

  • How to distinguish a rattlesnake from other snakes (even if you cannot see or hear the rattle)
  • How to identify the rattlesnake species and subspecies of the state
  • Other tips on how to safely coexist with an encountered rattlesnake
  • Field guide information including range maps
  • Field first aid information in the event of a bite
  • Search feature to assist with identification
  • Technical terms that link to the glossary to provide definitions
  • Favorites feature to track a life or trip list, or a list of targets
  • Many great photos of each species and subspecies

Rattlesnakes are an important and fascinating part of California’s wildlife. For those that work or play outdoors in the Golden State, this inexpensive app could literally save your life. The text was written and the images were compiled by Todd Battey. Programming for the app was provided by Donald Becker.