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Custom Lists

We love getting suggestions from our fantastic users, and are even more excited when we can make a request a reality! We were recently contacted via the Help Desk recently with a question about adding a custom list that would display in their BirdsEye “Needs”. John wanted to keep two separate ABA lists: one for his life […]

Educators Take BirdsEye to the Amazon

Author:  Phil Kahler  Tualatin Valley Academy  Science Department  21975 SW Baseline Road  Hillsboro, OR 97123 In a collaborative effort BirdsEye, BirdSleuth (K-12 educational outreach of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology), and the Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest worked to put the BirdsEye bird finding app into the hands of thirty K-12 educators who participated […]

Smart Search for Android

Smart Search now in BirdsEye for Android Focus in on Color, Size, and Habitat With the latest BirdsEye update for Android, ver. 1.2, we’re happy to tell you of a new feature called Smart Search. Smart Search is a collection of intelligent filters that allow you to choose color, size, and habitat to narrow down the […]

Tip of the Month: Using Smart Search

Application Tip of the Month Using Smart Search Whether you’re looking for dragonflies or birds, BirdsEye Nature Apps are the best apps to learn what’s being seen nearby. BirdsEye and Dragonfly ID are also great in helping you identify what you are actually seeing.  Not only do they help you narrow down the possibilities by […]

Marion Dobbs – Ode photographer Extraordinaire

Marion has always been attracted to biology, natural history, and the outdoors. She doesn’t know why – neither of her parents were, nor any other relatives of their or her generation. But she has soldiered on alone. Her education and training included an undergraduate degree in zoology, a master’s degree in conservation ecology, and a doctorate in biogeography. If […]


BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide 2.3

What’s New in Version 2.3 We’ve spent a long time working on BirdsEye behind the scenes to make it run faster, smooth, and offer better tools for world and local birders. Some of the more exciting features are listed below. Find New Birds SMART SEARCH Use color, size and habitat to quickly narrow down the list of nearby […]