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Biomimicry: Emulating Birds & Nature

By Avery T Phillips Many companies are turning to nature for inspiration for tackling the world’s challenges. By mimicking natural designs millions of years in the making, we are learning how to reduce energy consumption and resource depletion, implement self-regulating cleaning methods, and advance technology in new and creative ways. Innovation based on the designs […]

Birding With Children in the Amazon

(Part of our mission at BirdsEye is to support grass-roots, conservation efforts like the Amazon Binocular Project) by Phil Kahler, Tualatin Valley Academy Five Many-banded Aracari (a type of toucan) are feeding in some trees and have attracted the attention of two Maijuna children.  Walking across the field the children sit down in the grass […]

Adventuring While Birding: Safety Tips for Backcountry Travels

Photo by Michelle Walcott on Unsplash By Avery Phillips Sometimes a birding adventure takes you off the beaten path and beyond cell service, away from the neverending stresses and notifications of home and work. While rugged ventures on the edge of civilization can be refreshing and rewarding, they also leave you isolated and far from […]